WOW! Blessing in disguise

When you listen "No" from people around you to help you out, it is a blessing in disguise. Suddenly you feel a strong power inside yourself that so what if they refused, I can do it some other way, I can manage well and really, you build a courage to do it even better.
Life never stops if anyone abandons you or takes you for granted, you must have the courage to realise the reality of life and move on. The show must go on.
In April, 2017, I missed a period and realised that I had conceived a baby, my third baby. I took it as a blessing in disguise and as a result have a very healthy and cheerful baby boy. I already had a son eight plus years of age and a daughter five plus years of age. As per the norms of the society my family was complete with two little munchkins and I was enjoying my life. I was 33 years old and had already undergone two caesarean sections, three miscarriages, one lumpectomy and a life-threatening emergency spinal surgery in 2013 due to cauda equina syndrome. I did not really get any support from my in-laws family, but my husband loved me and supported me. He was too busy in his pharma business and had to look after his family and hardly could spare time for me. He was also on the path of spiritual enlightenment and was emotionally fragile.
As everyone around me heard about the news of my major neurosurgery, all were sympathetic towards me and very much scared and skeptical. I was only 29 years of age with two little innocent kids. My husband was sleepless and never seen him so helpless. I saw in him real heartache. It was then that I decided that I can be no longer be weak. It was my will power which will make me stronger as well as the people around me. So that very moment, I showed that courage and went ahead with the surgery. My basic instinct as a person is to look for a solution in a problem, instead of being panicky and being pessimistic. Face life as it comes to you was the motto of my life. It was real tough time in my life when I had to face life and death, what will happen after surgery no one knew. Being shifted to Operation Theatre, my husband walked in my room and with full devotion made me talk to our spiritual Guru ji. He gave all positivity to me and asked me remember The Almighty God every moment of my life and move on with faith and optimism. It was this moment of my life when I was enlightened that this life-threatening surgery of mine was a blessing for me in disguise. From this point of my life, I began to see every perspective of my life differently and have remained positive till date. And really as you can say due to the law of attraction of the universe, all went well and I am fully well and healthy. After undergoing the spinal cord surgery, I was bed ridden for three months and had no control over my bowel and bladder. I had to use adult diapers for two months, could not sleep, was helpless and needed support and assistance in every little chore, could not hold my one year daughter in my arms, could not look after little lifelines for more than half a year. Inspite of all the adversities in my life, I know how to laugh, how to make others happy and how to live this beautiful life. It changed my life forever. It infused positivity in me, made me more mature and self-conscious. Faith and your inner consciousness can do wonders.
- Deeksha Arora


  1. Adversities bring out our strengths. U are one brave girl Deeksha! Proud to be your friend :-) Stay happy n healthy always

    1. Thanx sweetie.. blessed to have u as friend... luv u lots😘

  2. Inspriring story..stay the way you are and keep smiling..i wish this should be last tough timelines and you stay happy and healthy always...


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